Yukarı Git

Our Vission & Our Mission

         LANDFORCE mixer feeders and manure spreaders are at the service of the esteemed farmers with the safe and high quality products.

Simple and light structure of the mixer feeder with vertical screw with a capacity ranging from 1 to 20 cubic meters makes it essential for milk and livestock farmers.

The vertical screw system equipped with special design and special alloy blades ensures chopping, cutting and a homogeneous mix with other roughage and concentrates in a short span of time. There are no dead spots within the machine thanks to the special design of the screw and the bucket, thus ensuring no leftover feed remains in the bucket after unloading.

This special design with a durable gearbox used in mixer feeders ensures less power need compared to the horizontal mixer feeders. 

The manure spreader which operates with the motion derived from the tractor through an articulated mill ensures homogeneous and orderly spread of the manure to the longest distance thanks to its spinner discs and adjustable beater wings. As well as manure, the manure spreader also sows crop such as wheat, barley and oat by spreading. The homogeneous spread of manure by the manure spreader ensures high efficiency and cost-saving.

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